Babynerd poemish ramblings about the net. I was such a geek, even then. What do I mean "even then," this was only four years ago.

(c) 1/3/95 Danica Nuccitelli
logon, jet-black screen
shining in the night, glowing darkly
coded passwords let me into the secret eclectic clicking
Internet wonders, cloistered deep
Saw a neat cartoon today, information superhighway
in the newspaper of all places, archaic biodegradable paper
yellowing with age
while the cybernetic silicon ships
chip away at our disk space,
human memory banks fading crumbling before the huge glow
of In*er*et, Computer God supreme
Deity Being, bow thrice before the terminal will let you through
To the place of worship, holy plastic arches of your monitor screening you
and the labyrinth leads you around and awry,
crawling through places too dark and
number-crunched for your tiny human mind to see
labyrinths used to be designed to coerce you, lead you, into
the proper gestures and paths
so you would unconsciously follow a sacred spiral dance through the maze
labyrinths of the net, labs, computer labs....
similarities unspoken and carefully
ignored 'cause the implications are vast and unspeakable anyway...
Happyfaced guardians watching you carefully to see if you jest or
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) ;) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
and for our christianized society, there's even a mini-hell:
just choose vi!
the cartoon, comic stripped, showed a family on the info hiway:
kids screaming in the backseat
while the father stubbornly refused to ask directions,
why wasn't the mother driving then? :)
and posted to the net, it would spawn discussion, flamewars about these
gender stereotypes,, smirking sexual speculations
about the little doodles at the top of the sketch;
are you starting an unrelated topic? [ynq]
smile when you say that, masked one,
your net account keeping you safe from prying eyes
failsafe questions at every gateway-
really quit pine? really?? you sure 'bout that?
defaults and more guardians, peeking at your intentions-
this program posts news to machines throughout the organization.
Are you absolutely sure that you want to do this? [ny] y
and is there any good answer to that? [ny] maybe
Making the proper ritual gestures will get you everywhere,
yes no maybe
delete create
log over and out
control-x! control-d! control-q;
who controls who?