A Thanksgiving/Mabon poem; I think this was a villanelle form. Ode to the Goddess.

Immaculate Conception
Full-figured golden one
round, firm plumpness
warm, life-giving as the sun
Your slow, sweet scent, stripping my stress
harvest feelings, relaxing me,
all accepted here, no man-made sins we must confess.
Warmth and love, a circle of family,
Abundance, perfect love and perfect trust
I thank your life-giving heart and fertile valleys.
I encircle your spicy fruit with my crust.
An act of reverence towards you. A poetic pun;
Symbolic child conceived in hot windy gusts.
A kitchen ritual, shaded with bonfires and harvest dun
Evolves into an act of worship, hailing your wildness; 
Your triple love- and what your sacred dust becomes.