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Coffee Cup Motor

FIELD: Physical Science DURATION: 1.5 hr.
OBJECTIVE: Students will know the basics of how electric motors work.
METHOD: Students construct a simple electric motor using a battery and household items.
KEY VOCABULARY: Motor, electromagnet, magnetic field. GROUP SIZE: Any

Pinhole Camera

FIELD: Physical Science DURATION: 1 hr
OBJECTIVE: Students will observe how light travels and creates images.
METHOD: Students build pinhole cameras and observe images it creates.
KEY VOCABULARY: Camera, light, aperture. GROUP SIZE: Any

Amplify with Air

FIELD: Physical Science DURATION: 45 min.
OBJECTIVE: Students will observe the effects of different volumes of air on the amplification of a sound.
METHOD: Students observe the loudness of a tuning fork while varying the volume of a container amplifying it.
KEY VOCABULARY: Sound wave, amplification, loudness. GROUP SIZE: Any

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