A briefly legitimate foray into poetry.... [ed. note - that is, this is one of the rare occasions when we wrote poetry for a school assignment - "legitimately"]

Danica Nuccitelli
Brit. Lit. 3/22/95
Ballard per. 6
Ode to an Idealized Woman
or: My Plastic Fantastic Lover
Wearily fall my steps slow, down the length
Of the hall; blank tiles meet blank tiles meet wall. 
Younger hearts easily find delight here;
My silv'ry head can feel naught but ennui. 
I am surrounded by miles of bright glitz;
Cheap styles of glamour and shining white smiles. 
The giddy dance will go on without me,
My chance to court's done, I've lost the romance. 
Then you appeared, flowing vision of pink, 
Fluorescent glow from your radiant bones,
Smooth free-form curves of impossible grace,
Womanly vision in stiletto heels. 
The perfect woman! she wears no workshirt,
Dainty nails fan, replace work-roughened hands,
Posing by rose-tiled kitchen with charm,
Balanced on those God-formed archly shaped toes. 
No dirty ballot stains this woman's touch,
Worldly subjects ne'er caught crossing her thoughts. 
She does not obsess about human rights:
Choosing a dress must be her only stress. 
Clear as dew, her smiling face shows her trust,
A simple, true woman whose needs are few. 
She'll never whine for her "fulfilling work,"
But bear my children, my name, for all time. 
Barbie, you'll never age, be hag nor crone,
Your paint-gagged mouth can ne'er gossip nor nag. 
With joy you'll stand by me through thick and thin,
My plastic woman, this boy's favorite toy.