This was inspired by Nat Hentoff. Gotta fix the formatting on it a little. It's 4am; I'm not going to explain any further.

pageflight How nice to read a good calm book in the sweet clear sunlight, birdsong rippling through the air, trip trip tripping giggling up and down the scales and sailing along like it was detailing the breezes, describing and forming the ruffly fluffy white clouds And a free funny girl dances prances down a hallway, happy & proud of who she is and what's around her and for a moment, half a minute, the world is singing, spinning crazy like all the wrongs are righted and the balance is sighted and there's a smooth high feeling in that, just like you're one of those birds and you can fly too Looking at those pages, flat nothing pieces of paper with their jumbly print, who'd know where they can take you? But there's a lot hidden inside one of those little boxy covers, with all their pages machine-sewn inside, tiny footprint stitches leaving a trail for your eyes and when you read 'em right and let yourself go, each of those pages is a tippy white bird's wing, and you take it in your hands and open it up and soar away.... 1994