Resources about being queer?

A Community Center for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning Youth 23 & Under

LYRIC empowers lesbian, gay, bisexual, trangender and questioning youth through:

* Peer support
* Social, recreational, and educational oppurtunities
* Fostering youth leadership at all levels of the agency

LYRIC will overcome the societal and institutional barriers to the development of identity and self-determination of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth.

Daily Socials and Events
Rap Groups and Workshops Pride '98 Events! Chat room? Guestbook? Message boards?
Volunteer Jobs

Outreach team: Be a part of all the fun creating flyers, stickering the town, staffing tables, and meeting other queer youth. Call Lena (ext. 18) for more info.

Office Support: Help LYRIC help the community by volunteering in the office! Call Lena (ext. 18) for more info.

Tutors, GED Instructors and Computer Whizzes: Volunteers of all ages wanted to be part of new educational programs! Call Jaron (ext. 22) for more info.

Mentors Wanted: Want to empower queer youth? Become a mentor! Call Miguel (ext. 20) for more info.

Young, Loud, and Proud: Help organize the third annual national queer youth conference! Plan workshops, do local outreach, and build coalitions with other youth. Call GiGi (ext. 25) for info on the next Steering Committee meeting.

Vision All people are treated eqaully; where youth shall share power in all decisions; where all youth have the freedom to express themselves; where youth can have fun and be leaders; where differences are valued and represented; where communities nurture and empower themselves and each other spiritually, intellectually, and financially and are fully supported by the larger community; where basic needs, including health, are met; where there is a cure; where basic rights are protected; where people are allowed to progress and grow at their own speed and exercise self-determination.

How to Reach Us

Main Office
123 Collingwood St. San Francisco, CA 94114
One block off Castro near 18th St.; accessible by MUNI (lines 24, 33, and 37) and by MUNI Metro (lines F, K, L, and M).

Phone: 415.703.6150 Fax: 415.703.6153

Youth Talkline
415.863.3636 Outside 415 area code: 1.800.246.PRIDE TDD Number: 415.431.8812


Last updated June 11, 1998.