Jennifer Greever

Skills: Food preparation, HTML including tables and frames, 10-key, word processing, experience with C++, cash registers, multi-line phones, experienced on Macintosh and IBM, graphic design, computer hardware installation and troubleshooting.

Software: Adobe Photoshop to 3.0, Netscape to 3.0, Windows 95, Mac OS, WordPerfect, Microsoft Works, Microsoft Word, ClarisWorks, NCSA Telnet, Microsoft Excel, SimpleText, Notepad, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Borland C++, NCSA Mosaic, Zterm.

Education: AA in Political Science, BA in Political Science anticipated May, 2000.

Work Experience

Spring Valley School - volunteer teacher's aide for mentally disabled students, summers of 1991 and 1993, Loma Rica, CA.
Ran own reading and vocabulary class; taught physical education with supervision; supervised field trips; prepared and implemented lesson plans; worked with Severe Disorders of Language class and Multiply Handicapped class teaching self-sufficiency.

McDonald's - Crew Chief, May 1996-January 1998. Chico, CA.

Prepared store for business; stocked supplies; sanitized work areas; cleaned entire store; closed for night; took orders; maintained lobby cleanliness; cooked fries, hamburgers; worked cash registers; dealt with customer concerns. Awarded raise after 4 months, promotion after 9 months on the job; was one of five in the store to receive an award for fastest drive-thru times; recognition for most improved drive-thru times.

Garraboli's Pizza - Crew member, September through November 1995, Marysville, CA.

Rang up orders on cash register; answered multi-lined phones; closed store (vacuumed, cleaned tables and bathrooms, put food away, broke down work area); cooked pizza on assembly line; ran ovens.

Burger King - Crew member, September through November 1995, Marysville, CA.

Prepared food; cooked french fries; racked fries; boxed food.

Pizza Round-Up - Crew member, November1993- April 1994, Loma Rica, CA.

Cooked pizza; prepared other Italian dishes; answered phones; cleaned lobby; closed store.

Other Experience

Graphic Design for Typhoid Mary's Asylum
Images were scanned and then altered and cleaned up pixel by pixel with Adobe Photoshop.

Installed and set up laptop for Laura Larsen

Taught her how to use her laptop and various pre-installed programs; showed her how to use Windows 95.

Data Processing Class

Trained in basic hardware and software, create spreadsheets, designed basic webpages.

Introduction to C++ class

Trained in basic C++ programming, including loops, if/else/then statements, subroutines; created "Hello, World" program, date calculation programs, and programs to convert Roman numerals to Arabic numerals.

Installed inkjet printer, CD-ROM drive, scanner, sound card, internal modem, and 4MB RAM on IBM clone.

Installed color bubble jet printer on Macintosh Performa.