Cross/Multicultural Requirement

Students who will graduate in 1996 or later are required to take a minimum of one one-semester course that is primarily concerned with:

1. The people and cultures of Africa, Asia, Latin America, Oceania, or the Caribbean (singly or in combination); or

2. The peoples and cultures of North America that trace their origins to Africa, Asia, Latin America, Oceania, or the Caribbean; or

3. Native American peoples and cultures.

The following courses currently meet the Mills College Cross/Multicultural Requirement:

Curricular Area Department Course # Title Notes
Fine Arts DRCM 63 Newspaper Journalism I
Fine Arts DRCM 64 Newspaper Journalism 2
Fine Arts DRCM 88 Visual Communication
Fine Arts DRCM 159 Feature Writing
Fine Arts DRCM 160 Writing For Magazines
Fine Arts DRCM 189 Seminar in Media Criticism
Fine Arts Fine Arts 49 Challenges to Artistic Tradition
Fine Arts Fine Arts 52 The Work of Art
Fine Arts Music 20/120 American Music
1/2-1 credit
Fine Arts Music 63 Beethoven
Fine Arts Music 137 Seminar in Musical Literature and Criticism
Natural Sciences 88 The Nuclear Dilemma
Social Sciences Government 17 International Relations
Social Sciences Government 146 Major Issues in Political Theory
Social Sciences Social Sciences 93 Law and Society
Social Sciences Sociology 110 Sociology and Religion
Humanities English 12 Ancient Myth: Greek and Roman
Humanities English 61 Theme and Genre Courses
Humanities English 65 Survey of British Literature
Humanities English 102 Advanced Composition
Humanities English 158 Contemporary Fiction by Women
Humanities English 167 Reading and Writing of Creative Non-Fiction
Humanities English 171 Social Action and the Academic Essay
Humanities English 176 The Victorian Period: Prose, Poetry, and Drama
Humanities English 181 The British Novel in the 20th Century
Humanities English 188 The 19th Century British Novel
Humanities History 31 American History
Humanities History 32 American History
Humanities History 189 History and Its Methods
Humanities History 190J Advanced Seminar: Gender, Ethnicity and Class in American Society
Humanities Letters 9 Introduction to Comparative Literature
Humanities Letters 54 Masterworks of German Literature
Humanities Philosophy 81 History of Philosophy I
Humanities Philosophy 82 History of Philosophy II
Humanities Philosophy 140 Fictions' Arguments: Philosophy in Literature
Humanities Philosophy 143 Existentialism
Humanities Philosophy 183 Historical Studies
Humanities Philosophy 184 Historical Studies
Humanities Philosophy 191 Advanced Seminar
Humanities Philosophy 192 Advanced Seminar
Interdisciplinary College 10A Asian Traditions
Interdisciplinary College 10P Paris in the 20's
Interdisciplinary College 10R Women and Religion: Contemporary Perspectives
Interdisciplinary College 10Y (Dead) Angels: Mothers and Daughters in Fiction and Theory
Interdisciplinary College 10CC Modern Germany in Literature and Film
Interdisciplinary Ethnic Studies 49/149 Womanist Literature and Literary Criticism
Interdisciplinary Ethnic Studies 90 Comparative Ethnic Literature
Interdisciplinary Ethnic Studies 139 Asian/Pacific American Women Writers
Interdisciplinary Ethnic Studies 144 Asian/Pacific American Literature
Interdisciplinary Ethnic Studies 160 Black Writers of the African Diaspora

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The Writing Requirement

Each student must complete, in addition to the required course in freshwoman composition (English 1), a second course credit in writing. Independent Studies may not be used to satisfy the Writing Requirement. Students are encouraged to satisfy the Writing Requirement by the end of the sophomore year. Courses taken to satisfy the Writing Requirement may also help to fulfill the Interdisciplinary, Distribution, and Cross/Multicultural Requirements.

The following courses currently meet the Mills College Cross/Multicultural Requirement:

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Curricular Area Department Course # Title Notes
Fine Arts Art History 81 Introduction to Asian Art I
Fine Arts Art History 82Introduction to Asian Art II
Fine Arts Art History 181 The Art of Mughal India
Fine Arts Art History 185 Painting of China
Fine Arts Art History 186 Japanese Painting and Prints
Fine Arts Art History 188 Early Japanese Art
Fine Arts Art History 191C Seminar: Art of Indonesia
Fine Arts Art History 191D Seminar: Art, Literature, and Politics of Modern China
Fine Arts Dance 81L World Dance
Fine Arts DRCM 10F Diverse Voices of Theatre in the U.S.
Fine Arts DRCM 132 Cross/Intercultural Communication
Fine Arts Music 14 World Music
Fine Arts Music 170 Music and Thought of Coltrane, Coleman and Mingus
Social Sciences Anthropology 58 Cultural Anthropology
Social Sciences Anthropology 60 Expressive Culture
Social Sciences Anthropology 105 Cultural Ecology
Social Sciences Anthropology 116 Traditional Native American Cultures/TD>
Social Sciences Anthropology 150 Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion
Social Sciences Anthropology 161 Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women
Social Sciences Economics 56 Economic History of Asian Americans
Social Sciences Economics 109 Economics of Race and Identity
Social Sciences Education 157 Ethnic Issues in Children's Health
Social Sciences Government 135 State and Politics in the Pacific Rim
Social Sciences Government 137 Comparative Politics of the Middle East and North Africa
Humanities English 147 19th Century African American Literature
Humanities French Studies 132 Introduction to Francophone Cultures
Humanities Hispanic Studies 131 The Hispanic World
Humanities Hispanic Studies 172 Voices in Hispanic Poetry
Humanities Hispanic Studies 173 The Latin American Short Story
Humanities Hispanic Studies 175 The 20th Century Hispanic Novel
Humanities Hispanic Studies 180 Topics in Hispanic Literature
Humanities Hispanic Studies 192 Advanced Seminar in Hispanic Literatures
Humanities History 118 The Civil Rights Movement in America
Humanities History 135 The Worker in American Life
Humanities History 151 African-American History Since Emancipation
Humanities Letters 9 Introduction to Comparative Literature
Humanities Letters 115 African and Caribbean Literature
Humanities Letters 131 Aspects of Hispanic American Culture
Humanities Letters 161 Women Writers of Contemporary Spain and Latin America
Humanities Letters 166 National Literatures of Latin America
Humanities Letters 169 Hispanic Cinema
Humanities Letters 171 Fantastical Writings: 20th Century Latin American Fiction
Humanities Philosophy 26 Classics of Arab, Indian, and Chinese Philosophy
Interdisciplinary College 10A Asian Traditions
Interdisciplinary College 10EE African American Perspectives in Contemporary Art, Culture and Politics
Interdisciplinary College 10FF Student Protest in China
Interdisciplinary College 10R Women and Religion: Contemporary Perspectives
Ethnic Studies All courses
Interdisciplinary Women's Studies 140 Gender and Representation in North Africa and the Middle East