This was the poem I wrote the very first time I ever asked anyone out!
True to form, it was a woman I'd met online who lived three thousand miles away. la!

Here I sit with 'puter warm
Typing with my tired arms, 
Screaming epithets at AOL
Why this is I'll never know,
But ever since the word "go"
System seven-five is givin' hell
Never mind, I don't care
I have no reason to swear,
I have lots of stuff that I can do
I typed up a constitution
Sent e-mail from here to Duluth-en
Then the phone didn't ring: it was you.
Yup, you heard me, "didn't ring,"
And so I feel the urge to sing
Or at least write poetry anew.
I remembered my promise
To rhyme up a set of options  
(that does SO rhyme! yes it does! does so!
That you could check off with blithe ease smooth.
Even though my Muse's flaggin',
And my rhymes no longer waggin',
I'm gonna do this till the phone RINGS, Stacy. 
oops, that definitely didn't rhyme. Ummm....
Even though my Muse's flaggin', 
And my rhymes no longer waggin'
I'll get back into that po'try groove. There. :-)
So I'll type with fingers nimble
(Darn, that only rhymes with thimble) 
A bit of doggerel to make you choose!
This is really kinda fun
So we'll start with a question
Stacy, may I ask you for a date?
Now you have some possibil'ties
First in our list of civil'ties
* "Awesome! That would really be just great!"
(Okay, family, don't walk by
Close those little prying eyes
(You'd really think that I lived in a zoo!))
Or, perhaps, you're more reticent
And as I'm growing rhyme-deficient
We'll move on to option number two.
* "What?! Oh, gosh, I'd love to... merde..
But I have to wash my hair!Forever." 
[with your hair, you really could! ;-)
Or maybe, * "I stopped reading this
Way back halfway through the epis-
Tle, so you'll never get an answer
Hey, look, Stacy just called!
(all of Davis is quite awed!
Now you get a shiny bright gold star!)
Anyway, I'll just go on
having overused the phone
Let's now give you a fourth option hard.
* "Um, like, that sounds really nifty
But I don't wanna go there so swiftly,
It's hard to fit this into my self-image!"
Gods, I want to go to sleep, 
A drama life's not one to keep,
So let's wrap this poem up with a min. of triage.
Maybe you're thinking, * "Okay
I could have some fun this way,
But what exactly are you proposing?
Geeze, I don't know, it's real late
And it's HARD to ask for a date
Gemstone? who knows? I'm sure we'll think of something
So, now, with verse twenty-two
I will bid you sweet adie
And hope that you someday can answer 'yes
((and I don't care if that verse rhyme
with any of these other lines..
oh, I might as well add one to fix this mess! :-)