This one's for everyone who's tried to get me out on the dance floor against my will.

Ninth Grade Formal
danica sub absinthe
march 1994
At the dance, 
Time sweeps by unnoticed
The sparkling bright lights fly by across the floor 
Like the fourth hand of a clock.
They push against me, 
Push me backwards
Time itself slows 
To watch my struggle up the dance floor,
Slowed by embarrassment and imagination,
(And the conviction that everyone is watching me.)
The base line of the music pounds at my body,
I am pulsing in time with it
It becomes a part of me.
I am suffused by the drums beating through me,
Like angry spirits howling for release, 
Beating through my throat, my ribs, my ears,
Knocking the rivets out of my heads,
Until they must surely fly apart.