We'd been studying Chaucer, and iambic pentameter, and sonnets, and writing sonnety sketches of people... this just doesn't scan, but it's a fairly accurate picture of my brother.

from and by his sister, Danica Nuccitelli, 12-24-1994
Dana is the sports star of this family,
Plays basketball, goes bowling, when he's free-
(That's only if there's no baseball practice!)
Sure of his beliefs, he is no Baptist,
Catholic, Jew, Moslem, Druid, or Aztec,
Doesn't worship Ra or Xipe-Totec,
He is an atheist, and proud of it,
Having checked to see if religion fit
A scientific Universe, with laws
That argue against the presence of flaws
Such as a God- which leaves his Sundays free!
Some would say that he's stubborn, but not me
"Determination" runs in our family!
When he puts his mind to a task, it's done,
(Though sullenly! His scowls are so glum!)
And done quite well, with meticulous work.
He has too many of these little quirks!
A stupid question sees him roll his eyes; 
He cannot fail unless he really tries;
He wears clothes 'till they fall right off his bod;
The Bermuda Triangle's really odd,
And he probably thinks this poem is too. 
Well, my brother, that's just too bad for you,
It took a lot of work, I'll have you know!
I'm about to finish this brief ode, though,
With a line about his great love for jazz.
His trumpet skills will never come in last,
I think they should be ranked first every time!
And his sense of humor is truly fine;
So merry Christmas, my little brother,
Happy new year, peace on Earth, I love yer!