Questions for my


All questions are essay questions; points will be awarded for clarity, accuracy, and perceptiveness. You may use any online or written notes available, but be aware that conferring with other contestants may backfire upon one or both of you.

1. Why is Danica growing a beard? (Bonus points: how?) [Ten points, three points.]

2. Name one of her correct gender labels and describe what it means for her. (i.e. FTM, bigendered, multigendered, non-gendered, boychik, butch, etc.) Bonus points awarded for correct attribution and/or description of more than one label. [Fifteen points for the first one, 7.5 for each successive correct gender-related label.]

3. Why would a trans student want to go to a women's college? You may speak generally, or specifically. (Points awarded per number of reasons provided.) [Twenty-five points for the first non-sarcastic answer, ten for each succeeding answer.]

4. Is Danica planning to transition? If so, to what extent? Bonus question: What do her parents think the answer is to this question, and how do they feel about it? [Fifteen points, seven points.]

5. Refer back to (one of) your answer(s) to question 2, and imagine what that identity might be like, how it might be different from a "typical" life at Mills. [Thirty-five points.]

Bonus question: What language does the name Aidan come from, and what does it mean? (ten points)

Five points will be detracted for each sarcastic answer. I haven't chosen a first, second, or third prize yet, but the booby prize is to be hit over the head repeatedly with a copy of Lesbians Talk Transgender, by Zachary Nataf.