Chico Lesbian Avengers/Queer Nation

"In 1995, the most common weapons used by gaybashers were hurled objects such as bricks and bottles.

Last year, bats and clubs were used most often."
United Press International


Join the Chico joint Lesbian Avengers and Queer Nation group! We're a direct action group focused on eliminating queerphobia in Chico. (Today, Chico... tomorrow, the world!)
When someone here gets queerbashed... when a gay couple is walking down the street holding hands and people yell homophobic things at them... when the bisexual community is silenced from both sides... when a lesbian is walking home from work at night and someone drives by and hurls a beer bottle at her, yelling, "Dyyyyke!"... when a transgendered lesbian woman is driving from Sacramento and is followed for fifteen miles by a pair of young men who harass her and pull alongside to point a gun at her... when questioning, queer, and straight kids of all ages are trained into queerphobia, suppression, and self-hatred every minute of every day...'s time to get angry. It's time to act.

Some of our planned and current activities:
Queer 'Magic: The Gathering' Games
If you play, come! If you don't, come learn!
Queer Dances
Youth-Only and All Ages
To San Francisco and Beyondcarpools to youth conferences, pride parades, etc.
Possible Actions:
"Someone you love was queerbashed here"? Signs sprayed onto the sidewalk marking every place where we know somebody was queerbashed. Maybe several different signs - "someone queer was beaten up/harassed/spit at here," or specific gay/lesbian/bi/trans signs.
Chico vs. Kinsey - meet at the Chico Mall and administer polls to shoppers, determining their Kinsey number (w/o telling them what the poll will determine) then give them badges to wear with their number on them. Once most people in the mall have badges, hang huge sign in middle of mall explaining the numbers. Escape!

  • Chico Queer Nation Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers!) Including the ever-popular, "Eeew! Why do we have to use the word 'queer'?!"
  • Other Queer Activist Chapters Worldwide (Queer Nation/Lesbian Avenger/ACT-UP/Transsexual Menace and more!)
  • Educational Flyers you can print out and pass around (from the Mills College Lesbian Avengers
  • Queer-friendly (at least sometimes) Colleges Also coming soon.
  • Only the Best Online Queer Stuff

    Please note: Chico has some wonderful queer resources, including the Stonewall Center. Queer Nation is not meant to replace these groups, but supplement them. The Stonewall Center has many coming-out, support, and social groups for Chico's queer community, but its only activist group is one designed to teach and do outreach to the community. We feel that a direct action group is needed to wake Chico up and provide a second pool of queer resources.

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