For me, this was a somewhat explicit expression of the way I saw our great country....
31 flavors of chaos
By Danica Nuccitelli
november 1994
the power in one word, so much more power in a sentence,
a paragraph, a story
you can lose your job with the wrong syllable
your life with the wrong sentence
and there are so many words, so many tiny 
units of power, all different flavors for you to choose
Can you feel the choices open up?
Opening like trap doors beneath your feet, 
Yawing yawning gaping snapping cracking black holes,
the null-void gulf of infinity,
our choices closing the door behind us and following
following you down a one-way street
the smooth impersonal click of a door shut
well-oiled, fancy exotic rainforest woods, 
has such a nice grain for an immigrant-
impersonal; like a banker smooth rich successful
what a nice young man, take out a loan,
have a calendar, have a toaster, no guarantee of course
blue pinstripes on a wingtip suit taking your
children, your memories, taking your dog for collateral
taking your all, taking you roughly, please don't let it hurt
sell your soul for an image
the american dream