As the weather heats up and the plant world burgeons, an exuberant
   mood prevails. Folk dance around the Maypole, emblem of fertility (the
   name "May" comes from a Norse word meaning "to shoot out new growth").
   May 1st was the midpoint of a five-day Roman festival to Flora,
   Goddess of Flowers. The name "Beltaine" means "Bel's Fires"; in Celtic
   lands, cattle were driven between bonfires to bless them, and people
   leaped the fires for luck. The association in Germany of May Eve with
   Witches' gatherings is a memory of pre-Christian tradition. "Wild"
   water (dew, flowing streams or ocean water) is collected as a basis
   for healing drinks and potions for the year to come.
   (from the Covenant of the Goddess)

This holiday celebrates the merging of the Goddess and the God, and the
passing of the Young God into manhood. The symbol of Her fertility is
celebrated as well. This is the time of May Poles, representing the
phallus of the God, while flowers and greenery represent the Goddess. This
has always been my favorite time for Handfasting (Wiccan marriage)
ceremonies. Beltane is usually celebrated in a forest, or near a living
tree. Weaving is popular at this time to join two separate things into
   (from Celebrated Holidays of Wicca)

Bonfire Jumping
Green Man

Bonfire Jumping To jump over a bonfire with someone is a traditional way of announcing betrothal, but it's also more generally a way to honor or commit to relationships with family and friends, and to renew the fire of a current relationship. Keep the fire small; a few feet high is generally safe, but the more athletic among us can test by jumping it first and adjusting the size. Wishes can also be made: you are jumping the fire to cement your wish, because wishing for something represents a commitment to bring that thing into our lives. It's also an exciting and visually enthralling activity. Take all the proper precautions when working with fire: make sure the fire has strong boundaries such as a ring of rocks around a sand pit in which the fire is built, or build the fire in a non-flammable trash can; make sure that it is completely out before you leave; don't put anything extremely flammable or toxic on the fire; and have water, sand, or a fire extinguisher (as well as the number of the local fire department!) ready in case things get out of hand after all. logout
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