Welcome to


And you ARE welcome to it.

In fact, if you agree with it, you're welcome to print out a flyer and share your agreement with the rest of campus.

Why'd I make this, why am I so angry, you wanna know? No you don't! sure, just don't come crying to ME when you don' like what I say, OKAY?

Hmmm. Pick one reason, you say? Allllllllllllllllllllllll rightie then! How about... you take Mills College, women's college, about 50% queeer, a real grrrls' school? How about... you add a couple of discussions, one for gay/les/bi and one for questioning/straight wimmin? Mmmkay... and then have another discussion a week later? Goood... and throw all those womynz together? What do you get? Why, open-minded, intellectual, social discussion and a balancing of views, of course! this is mills! we have no homophobia!


You get bitches! You get wo-men who want to know why lesbians hate men so much if they want to BE men! You get people who decide the discussion, billed as being meant to deal with the hetero-queer problems on campus, is REALLY about "how can the lesbians make the straight women feel more comfortable here?" NO! We don't need to make anyone feel commmmfortable! COMFORTABLE is for coddled little brats who have never felt discrimination in their lives and can't stand being looked at funny because the fat-asses have told them all their born days that Those Blacks and Those Dykes and The Hissssspanics and Everybody Else Who Scares Us will resent them for what they have and come after them with switchblades! COMFORTABLE means that they're the ruling class and we have to bow down to them so far that not only do we have to *teach them how to behave around us,* to EDUCATE them about our infinitely BIZARRE lives, we then have to tiptoe around them so that they don't feel THREATENED! they can't be expected to treat others like normal human beings! They can't be expected to know when something's offensive because they're doing it based on the difference between them and everyone around them! They're exempt from that! Everyone else has to carpet the ground they walk on to make sure that the carpeters don't get accused of some kind of REVERSE DISCRIMINATION! HETEROPHOBIA!

And let's get one thing "straight" here.

Discrimination is when one person/group WITH POWER OVER ANOTHER GROUP acts or speaks against THAT SPECIFIC person/group JUST for being a member of that group.

Under this definition, can lesbians discriminate against straight women?

Under this definition, do straight people have a right to get all pissy because they think we're "discriminating" against them when we have gay-only bars or dances or bookstores or clubs?

Do we have a DUTY to make sure they're *comfortable* about being around us?

Or can they just fuck off?

I think they can just FUCK OFF!

(Except Nicole.)

(and, by popular demand, Mo and Freya.)

So I feel like I'm gonna puke. Do the straight women who need to feel comfortable around us feel like they're gonna puke because the anger and fear in their stomachs is getting hard and concentrated and there's nothing that can make it go away, not even ranting, because when they go back out and interact with the rest of Mills, they're going to be facing the same situations that made their stomachs boil powerlessly in the first place? Hey, str8 chicks! No, just the ones with the aversive homophobia problem - yeah, YOU! Do you want to speak up about these things, but get so angry that your throats close up? Do you hear lesbians talking about you, on a daily basis, and feel a million responses happen inside you at once but you can't say any of them because you can't say all of them and they're creating a traffic jam in your mouth? Huh? EMAIL me! and for once, make sure the right address is in Netscape Mail! I dare you! Tell me how much you hate us! tell me how scared you are of us! Tell me how threatened you feel! Tell me how wrong I am! Just SAY it, damnit! Stop implying things, stop staying them in those looks we get, or the way you're standing, or the conversations about how much people hate your BOYFRIENDS around here - SAY what you're thinking! 'Cause the way you're talking now, you're screaming it anyway!

And you're not the only ones. Why is it that Mills is so full of dykes that you can't eat lunch without having at least one of us at your table, but there isn't a single class about gays, or lesbians, or bisexuals, or transgendered people? There are a few about "Gender, Class, and Sex In Post-Modern Pre-European Mastercard France," and the odd one-time-only "Graduate Seminar - Lesbian Culture: Butch, Femme, Or Just A Woman Who Dresses Like A Guy But Hates Guys?"

But for a small, liberal women's college where people still spell it "womyn's" on purpose, there's a lot of silencing going on. And why is it that this "discussion" between straight and queer women turned out to be a front for a discussion of the escort policy? And why is it that women have gone to Mills' counselors and found that the counselors tried to convert them from homosexuality to heterosexuality? Assimilate! Sure there's nothing wrong with lesbians, but wouldn't you rather be NORMAL? Oh, some of my best friends are queer, but that's such a SAD way to live - don't you think? Now, dear, you don't REALLY hate men, it's just a phase! Why don't you take some nice home economics classes - and here's a ticket for the Mills Van. I'm sure you can find a man in Berkeley! ASSIMILATE!

And what the fuck is up with this "lesbian man-haters" thing? Let's ask ourselves this:

Who has to interact with men more? (straight women!)

Who knows more gay men? (lesbians!)

Who is part of mainstream culture? (straight women!)

Who has an alternative culture that avoids the Dickhead brand of man like the plague? (lesbians!)

Who do you see complaining about men more often? (straight women!)

Who is hated BY men? (lesbians!)

So who's more likely to develop a dislike for men, based on having to interact with them more frequently, with fewer escape valves? (straight women!)

And who is the subject of multiple nasty stereotypes based on 70s feminism and on men's fear of women who don't need them? (lesbians!)


get angrier
do something about it
have you licked your lesbian today?

More Final Thoughts on this Upon Learning That Some Frat-Dick Threw a Bottle At My Girlfriend In Chico and Called her a Dyke

first of all, _nobody_ gets to call us dykes. I call myself a dyke because I know it's okay. nobody else can call me that because I don't know how you're using that word.

This is why the whole homophobia thing at mills hurts. It's like, out there we're spat at and bottles are thrown at us, I can't walk down the fucking street with my girlfriend - not holding hands or kissing, just talking - without getting catcalls and homophobic remarks. And you feel "uncomfortable" here? People STILL can't come out for fear of getting killed, disowned, set on fire, beat up daily, and someone here is uncomfortable and *we* need to fix it for them? Fuck no. But that's not the (only) point.

the point is, Mills is OURS, damnit, it's the straight womens' and the lesbians' and the bi womens' and probably, if we knew, even the transgendered womens' college, and you spend all this time going "oh, this is so nice, we see our faces reflected here, we can kiss at the mills van stop or outside the computer lab and people just think it's cute, wow," but our faces are NOT reflected in the curriculum OR in the staff and you can overlook that most of the time because lots of the teachers are gay-conscious and gay history takes its place in the classroom for once and so on and you're just glad nobody's hurling things at you this time and you don't have to hear "fuckin' FAG!" constantly in the halls and "that is soooo gay!" and so you think it's better than it is and then you go to a workshop and everyone thinks mills doesn't need this mills is a non-phobic happy conscious place homophobes wouldn't come to something like this anyway but it's nice that they're having it, and then all this hate explodes, and you find out that people hate you even here, you can't escape it ANYWHERE you go, no matter where you turn Ellen's coming out and the American Family Association throws sharp pointy things at her and gay marriage is legalized while the other 49 states make it illegal and it gets thrown back into the courts even in Hawaii and we can't adopt because we're sick and twisted and we just don't have a safe place anywhere, even at mills.

think about what that's like, and then get back to me.

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