I don't have any money at all. I don't shop anywhere. The mad shopper what
doesn't shop at midnight. So lemme ask too- why IS it okay to shop at
Super K, dani?
*taps fingers impatiently waiting for Dani's response*
See, mid-class lectures on where one should and should not shop irritate
me. The reason I'm picking on Aidan here is because Aidan interrupted
the cliterature class to deliver a lecture on the evils of Amazon.com and
large chain bookstores. But the *context* was on trying to find an out-of-
print book, when normal rules do not apply.
While I shop indies 95% of the time, there are times that I will shop
large chains -- especially when I'm buying gifts for someone who lives
in a difference city or state -- and I know that they can exchange the
gift locally if it doesn't suit them. (Which turned out well when I went
book buying for presents for my Mom -- she already had one of the books
I bought her, and it was an easy exchange at the San Diego Borders, when
it would have been a pain in the ass has I bought at a local (Bay Area)
indie bookstore.)
For films/videos I shop indie (and rent videos from Boadacias when I can
-- they've got a great selection of queer films --  you should check them
out Jovida, while you're putting together your film list).
But I do NOT like being lectured about it -- especially by someone whose
shopping habits are erratic and politically inconsistent. nah, what
really bugged me was getting the class discussion off-topic. It's too
easy, especially in a lezzie literature class, to get off topic. Please
avoid the temptation.
Thank you.
*bows and exits stage left*
thank you
I think I am (insert air quotes) ALLOWED to bug Dani as much as I like.
And I invite all of you to do the same.
but.. but.. sharon!!
danica told me that we weren't allowed to!
that danica is allowed to bug us, but we are not allowed to bug her!
and she said it, so it must be right!
Among the people in the world:
1. I make rules.
2. Aidanica/Derek/Door/Kenneth does not.
So there. Because I'm the mommy, THAT's why.
*still waiting for aidanica's response on her political in/consistency*
yeah; im still waiting too.
come on dani!
1 the lecture she gave on amazon.com was in context
and it was good since people mught not uv looked at
the handout that had alternatives to amazon on it
and that deosn't sound like a good justification for atttacking hir
2 yeah dani gets preachy and high and mighty radikal
but that it isn't an excuse to all gang up on hir like
this...so ze's human...so what? also making fun uv hir names
is rilly innapropriate...lotuv other cultures had people
choose thier own name several time in life...and it has nothing
to do with the subject...yeah dani's not perfect but
ze is commited to a politkal life which i believe is
admirable...by the way if any uv you care ze didn't
buy anything at kmart...as hir big brother i couldn't
just let ya'll gang up on hir
so exactly where did we make fun of danica's names? I don't recall
seeing that anywhere on this forum.
as for danica's rant on amazon.com, there are good reasons not to shop
i dont really have an opinion on it since i'm not in that class. But it's
a little distrubing when people who take chain bookstores very seriously
(as they should be taken) also shop at even larger chains such at Kmart.
next time danica starts picking on other people for not being perfect,
you'll come to their defense?
especially those who have choosen not to encourage non-union chain
the only reason i am asking is because i have seen danica attack a lot
of people for not being perfect... and a lot of people don't like
being attacked by someone who's not going to actually do what she
yells at people about..
but thats just my personal opinion.. i mean, she interagates others,
so, i don't think she can be that upset about it without
questioning how she talks to others...
 so you guys hat it when ze does this to you, right?
hate it i mean...so why should ze feel any differently?
besides when ze does that do other people ze is just 1
person not a bunch uv people which does make things different
next time you feel like ze is expecting one uv u to be perfect
then remind hir uv how it felt...i'm not defending what ze has
done in the past...i just don't like bullys in any form
it does feel like yer ganging up on her.
i dunno.
just my 2 cents
mebbe this wasn't intended as a flame war, but it haaas
definitely become one. And it's all aimed at dboy,
so it *is* ganging up on hir.
and i just want to point out, no one's defending super-K
making this into a class issue is inappropriate, in my opinion...
the point is to lay off dani, and tell hir *when* *it* *happens*
next time ze's being over-zealous, instead of venting
pent-up anger all over forum.
and yes, I will personally stick up fer whoever dani interrogates
next, but I'm guessing that ze'll remember all this on hir own for a while
let me revise that:
I will personally stand up for anyone who dani
*beligerently* interrogates...
just plain questioning w/o attitude I don't have
a problem with.
well there were 3-5 people going after 1 person
and in not just 1 post each but many posts
that fits my defintion uv ganging up on someone
the issue here is not super k...i won't defend it
and bringing class into the issue just feels like
a personal attack that has nothing to do with this discussion
i saw a bunch uv people going after my brother and
i felt i had to say that it was unfair
that is *the issue*...if u are angry at hir for past
expeirences this is unproductive and meanspirted way uv
expressing that
how was this "flame war" all directed at dani? As i recall, sharon asked
an honest question which others then expressed interest in having
I dont re;e;ber sharon's tone as being hostile in any way. IIRC, star felt
that danica was being ganged up on, which is when everyone started
Danica may not have interrogated anyone, but the topic had legitimately
come up, since Sharon asked the question bc of what dani said in the lit
ok. how is discussing this as a class issue ;aking you feel personally
attacked? I'm not asking because i think thats silly, i want to
2 things:
1) the subject came up in reference to dboy shopping at kmart, with
an atmosphere of "yeah, you hypocryte"... maybe with some legitimacy
(that's not the point i'm debating), but everyone jumped on the bandwagon
*that's* how it was directed at dani and hostile-feeling.
2) the question of class didn't have anything to do with the topic
at hand (i.e. dani's history of proselytizing in light of her
desire to go to kmart)... besides, dani, while well-intentioned about
class, doesn't have the personal experience to have that particular
argument about kmart... Star, on the other hand, has been very honest
about coming from a working-class background, and not too long ago
was involved in a forum discussion w/ y'all specifically about class
issues. Since class was only brought into *this* conversation
*after* star posted, it does seem to be specifically directed at hir.
Jovida: if being legitimately curious about some of Dani's logic is
jumping on the bandwagon, I find that marvelous close to being insulted
for existing in the first place: who the hell hasn't been curious about
how she thinks?
Look, we all know each other here- nobody is out on a lynching party,
which I think everyone tends to forget. Asking Dani to either stand behind
her words and/or stand corrected is not "Ganging Up On Her."
        Standing behind what we say or admitting we were wrong, or
mistaken, or whatever, is part of having an adult conversation. I love
Dani, I am proud to have someone as politically motivated as she is as a
freind. However, I will not stop asking her to justify what she says.
not just waiting calmly for dani to answer and instead having everyone
saying "yeah, yeah, answer! where are you! answer!" in
986453876534576435 posts was a little creepy. i mean, settle down.
Ok, I see that my post did not make it to forum in its entirety. *That's*
what I get (or you get) when I try to sneak in a quickie forum session at
home (before a date).
Ok, I did NOT bring up "class and K-Mart" to be pointed because of Star's
entrance into the conversation. I'm sorry that felt pointed at you; that
definitely was not my intent.
Given Dani's silence on the topic, I did some musing as to why
"K-Mart=Good, Big Chain Bookstores=Bad" topic. As I mentioned (and I think
that part made it into the post) my older sister used to work at K-Mart.
So, even though I am not a frequent shopping there, I do have a passing
familiarity with the store and its business/employment practices. And the
above *as a class issue*.
People in my middle-class, educated family are expected to go into the
professions, are expected to have middle-class, professional jobs. (Well,
you all know what I do for a living; my younger sister is an attorney.)
So, Amy's stint at K-Mart was an anomaly for the family -- and I was
curious about exploring that, especially in light of the discussions
around chain stores.
As far as Danica's name goes  (this didn't make it all into the post) --
zie hirself has given hirself LOTS of names and gone by lots of monikers
over the past 1-2 years: off the top of my head, I can recall: Danica,
Aidan, D-boy, Kenneth, Derek. Who's to know what's the appropriate name at
a given moment? how to balance teasing hir with being respectful of what
zie may want to be called at a given moment? Truly, I don't think I'm
talented enough to suss that out.
You know, it feels very odd to have this discussion guessing about what
Aidan feels -- is it ganging up on hir to have this conversation? What it
showed me is that I am not the only one who's been annoyed at being
lectured about this stuff (and irritated that the lectures come from
someone who apparently has a cause celebre and doesn't apply hir
principles consistently).
Tell hir when it happens that it bugs me? You mean, take up MORE class
time to do it? No thanks. That won't happen.
And this isn't "pent-up anger" -- thank you. It started as a serious
question -- I was (and am) curious as to what the difference is for Aidan
about Super K vs. Big Chain Bookstores. I added (to be honest) that part
of what was going on for me in the background was my irritation at hir
side-tracking the class discusssion. But it's not "pent-up anger."
None of this (at least not on my end) was mean-spirited.
i agree with sharon
all i have to say is that i certainly did not
mean that aas an attack on dani -- and if she
took it that way, then my apology is directed
towards her, but so far she has said nothing
on the subject of her being 'attacked'...a lot
of people seem to be speaking for her here....
and i just took teh opportunity to ramble about
independent bookstores i like...i sure hope *taht*
didn't offend anyone, but i guess you never know....
before anyone 'attacks' me about it (bad word
choice there?)
i will correct the pronouns --zie and hir?
is that right?
glad i saw that one coming..that could have started
an entirely new flame war
I said what I did (i.e., this is flavored because of Aidan's in-class
lecturing/posturing AND my own background vis a vis K-Mart because
I think it's important to acknowlege our biases and positions in
conversations such as these.
Really and truly, I'd like to see Aidan take responsibility for hir
actions and words and behavior. I have the feeling (but, of course, given
hir silence here, can't be sure) that zie is angry at "us" (the "us" who
are accusing of ganging up on hir) -- and so is using that anger as a
platform and an excuse to NOT answer some honestly-asked questions.
i wasn't attacking anyone, more curious as to what danica would say..
and apparently "being curious" is justifiable cause for danica
to tell clst that "it's a secret, but i hate your wife"
i don't think that theorizing on why someone does something
is neccesarly attcking, althought it could be.. i don't really
think it was in this case tho..
but, i really don't feel sorry for danica for feeling attacked, which
is apparently what she feels, but it's solely because i'm just taking that
whole "hate" thing personally....
i think hates a pretty strong word, and i personally don't think you
should call up people you hate and ask them for rides and favors
and stuff..  but i guess thats just me...
despite any of y'all's good intentions, it came off and is
still coming off as attacking hir...
if *one* person was making this many posts directed at one
individual, it'd be a "take it to email"
situation. Just because it's half of forum doesn't
mean it's any more appropriate.
because y'all have a long history of respecting dani when she attempts to
express not wating to talk about something......