I fucking hate stereotypes and people who use them. Some gay man, at least a man calling himself GAY2, just came in and started bashing all operators on my chat system because he got kicked. Bashing and bashing and bashing. Why the FUCK would any fuckhead be oppressed and then turn around and opress and bash other people! FUCKERS!

Okay, that's all I have to say about that. Now about this heaven's gate CULT thing...

what the FUCK is the media doing? BLITZING the stories, and by day two they were so out of material ("here's who they are. they're dead. umm.... they wore nikes. wow. over to you, jack, LIVE at the nike factory in freeport....") that they had to start babbling about how heaven's gate were pagan and all cults are pagan and HOW DO WE PROTECT OUR CHILDREN? Pagans on the net! Pagans trying to kill your family! Pagans are AFTER YOU! ... the FUCK!!!

We are NOT evil nasty horrible anythings! We are not cults in this perjorative sense of the word the media uses! dictionaries have definitions of cult from "any non-mainstream religion" to "any small religious group" to "any religious group at all" and they go and make it into a word that means mind-control and Satan-worshipping and chewing the legs of puppies and then they come after us and they censor our sites and they won't let us wear our symbols at work and they clip our movies and they portray us as world-controlling psychopaths which any right-minded Christian - which of course EVERYONE is unless your onnea them FREAKS?- would want to keep their children away from and then they start setting our lockers on fire at school and taking OUR children away from us and charging us with child molestation and robbery and using "she's a WITCH!" as EVIDENCE against us??!??!??!

quantify my luck, I need a mercy fuck
-soul coughing

just drifting through the web in between writing my phil essay and posting my resume, and I hit jeanne m. wilcox's resume, in the bookmarks... then went to her fun play page... then to her rants, because I like seeing ppl's rants and getting ideas... well, I sure got ideas... she has a rant that lists the similarities between the green party and the nazi party... now, as a student of logic, I know that listing similarities like "use sunflower as symbol" or "members mostly teachers" or "promote women" (the nazi party DID NOT PROMOTE WOMEN!!!) does not support her hypothesis that the parties are heading in similar directions; the IDEOLOGY of the parties is radically different, as are the plans and the legislation... HELLO... but what really pisses me off, or would if I weren't sleep-deprived, is that one of her big-ass points is that "they revere mother earth! they have pagan and goddess things! the nazis had pagan things! they have the occult! the nazis had the occult! the whole world around the time of their rise was into the occult pagan stuff! this is obviously going to lead us towards nazi stuff and dictatorships and hatred and gassing!!!" WHAT. THE. FUCK. I am so FUCKKKKKIIIIINNNNNGGGGG TIRRRRRRED of being told that paganism and "the occult" is the root of all fucking fucking fucking fucking EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is NEVER based on any knowledge of pagan or neo-pagan beliefs or practices, it's just a simple generalization based on cartoony stereotypes and completely, wildly, AMAZINGLY inaccurate selections from a whollllle spectrum, a radically wide range, of ideas that have nothing to do with paganism but are constantly used over and over to bash us!!! WHY? WHY DO YOU WANT TO PROMOTE HATRED? WHY ARE YOU SPREADING AND BUYING INTO THIS CRAP??? WHYYYYY WOULD ANYONE advocate or trash any worldview, ESPECIALLY that of any little-known group, ESPECIALLY one in a category (religion, sexual orientation, gender, race, anything) that is still constantly maligned?!?!?!!!


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I've decided this has to be a requisite poem ending each rant page. Take it as empowering, or a fun read, or hate it, they're your emotions and your opinions until you try to make me take it down.

I am going to burn down the world

I am going to tear down everything that cannot stand alone

I am going to turn ideals to shit

I am going to shove hope up your ass

I am going to reduce everything that stands to rubble

And then I am going to burn the rubble

And then I am going to scatter the ashes

And then maybe SOMEONE will be able to see SOMETHING as it really is

-- Mel Lyman