"I think it's time for a fourth wave of the LGBTI movement (with the homophile movement, lesgay liberation, and queer/ACT-UP politics being the first three). Doesn't a movement that is centered around (in no particular order) trans/intersexed/bisexual rights, queer youth issues, third wave feminism, disability rights, racial/ethnic/cultural diversity, self-defense and self-awareness, defining our own queer sexualities, not being so fucking assimilationist, and overcoming abuse and shame - by and for the people who are living and/or sharing in those experiences - sound appealing?

Here are a few initial thoughts:

Learning from the bisexual community. The thing that amazes me about bisexuals is that they don't tend to waste their time trying to decide who is and isn't legitimate, unlike many of their monosexual counterparts. If anything, I think the bisexual community is probably one of the most mature communities within the LGBTI umbrella, as bi and pansexed people don't seem to spend endless hours trying to decide who is a "real" lesbian, gay man, transsexual, or transgender or intersexed person, opting instead to focus on being themselves and reclaiming their own sexualities.

Gee. Imagine that."

-- Liby S. Pease

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