founder of the multicats list
this is cat's page. it has cats on it. she's called catriona. she will write her own stuff later. k bi.
The Kitty Song
Kitty cat, kitty cat,
Sitting on a kitty vat,
Where's your little kitty hat?
Kitty cat, kitty cat.

"worn out from a busy day, i climbed in bed and took a short little nap with my sweet cat by my side. there is something about my cat that inspires a kind of deep, core dwelling love. i literally look upon him with adoration at times. when we snuggle up and cuddle and have a petting and purr fest my heart absolutely swells with love for this animial."

Cat quotes:
* kat goes hunting for cheese
catriona: cheese hunt!!
catriona: chesee is easy to catch because it doesn't move!!

kat: and i can use a tin opener!
kat: thumbs are good
catriona: thumbs ARE good
catriona: tails are better
catriona: tongues are best

(when the irc window acted funny) "Wow, what did my stupid box do? Weird grey box."