Dear Mr. Sim, 

I am a voracious new fan who has recently finished the latest *Cerebus*
collection and dove into the *Guide to Self-Publishing.* I really enjoy
the complexity of your work; as I re-read it and wait for the last book to
come out, I keep finding new plot nuances that I missed the first time
around. It's quite an epic. 

	But I'm not just writing as a gibbering fan (*this* time).  i am
putting together an anthology of writings by and about multiples - people
with what is popularly called "multiple personalities." I don't know
whether you are multiple or whether Cerebus could be described that way,
but (whether accidentally or on purpose) a lot of your work portrays the
experience of being multiple with remarkable accuracy. My favorite example
of this is
____________ (aeryn will have to look up the issue thing for me) 
The anthology will have a section at the end pertaining to multiple
culture, including stories, comics, and artwork. It focuses mainly on work
by multiples, but will also branch out into work by other artists and
authors who have captured what it's like to be multiple. 

	I would be honoured if you would allow me to include an excerpt
from __________ in this seection. Please let me know if this would be
acceptable or even possible. You would, of course, retain all rights to
your work. I do not have a publisher yet, but have finished the book
proposal and begun sending it to publishers and agents; upon acceptance, I
will negotiate some way to pay contributors for their involvement. Thank
you for your consideration. 

Sincerely yours, 

Aidan Nuccitelli