Terry Pratchett

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Aidan Nuccitelli

919 44th Street

Oakland, CA 94608



October 12, 2001


Dear Mr. Pratchett,


I am a longtime U.S. fan who has read almost all of your books – in fact, I believe my first encounter with your work occurred through an accidental discovery of Johnny and the Dead when my family visited England when I was eight. However, while I would like to write you a lengthy and hero-worshipping fan letter, I think I would degenerate into drooling fannishess if I did – so I’ll keep it to the point. (This time.)


I am trying to put together an anthology of writings by and about multiples – the Perdita/Agnes and Altogether Andrews of our world. There will be a section at the end pertaining to multiple culture, including stories and artwork on the subject. It focuses mainly on work by multiples, but will also branch out into a few of the portrayals of multiplicity in popular culture that have been embraced and enjoyed by the multiple community. Great swaths of Carpe Jugulum, Maskerade, and The Truth fall into this category, but (in my opinion) most particularly the Altogether Andrews portions of The Truth. I would be honoured if you would allow me to include a short excerpt from The Truth in this anthology – specifically the two or so pages introducing the Altogether Andrews.


Please let me know if this would be acceptable or even possible. You would, of course, retain all rights to your work. I do not have a publisher as yet, but plan to begin sending a book proposal around in November; upon acceptance, I will negotiate some way to pay contributors for their involvement. Thank you for your consideration.


Sincerely yours,



Aidan Nuccitelli