Aunt Lute Books Royalties Query letter 2-3 weeks Subcultures, woman-focused yes
Beacon Press ? Query letter 12-16 weeks Academic, serious nonfic, 60/year
Cassell Academic ? Book query ? Academic, etc., 50-100/year
Columbia University Press Royalties Query letter 1 mo. Academic, 3-4 queer studies/year
Cornell University Press Royalties, some advances Query letter 7-10 days Academic, critical, 150 books/year yes
Dutton ? Book query ? Political and popular nonfiction
Henry Holt & Co. Inc. Varies Book query ? Academic, queer, etc. yes
National Ass'n of Social Workers Royalties Either 3-4 mos. books for MSW types, 12-20/year yes
Oxford University Press Advances & often royalties Query letter 1 mo. Academic, 1200/year, 300 US
Papier-Mache Press Advances & royalties Query letter 2-3 mos. Feminist social issues, 8/year yes
Press Gang Publishers Royalties Query letter 2 mos. Feminist/political subj., 5/year
South End Press Standard book contract Either 8 weeks Nonfiction, political subj, 10-12/year
Third Side Press Incorporated Royalties Query letter 1-3 weeks Women's health, feminist nonfic., 3-6/year