Remote Control
Requiem for a Warrior
by absinthe
copyright 11/1994
 Static, the eternal backdrop to the Universe, the darkness that waits
hungrily to rise up and claim us all..and then, against the background of
static, pictures slowly begin to form, words and sounds blossom... the
television, so to speak, is turned on.
        "The bride wore black."
        "They say funerals and weddings are often the same event, save
that one is a beginning and the other an ending"
        "-life entering a tiny cold box and begin life exiting a tiny
warm womb; what happens in between is all
        "NOTHING but the truth, so help me"
        "Satan will have your soul for your violent ways! Wicked
        -ness monster roams the bottom of the Loch
        Och! Whae do ye have to continually harrrp on thae
        fifty strings on this beautiful instrument, yes, and it will
        TRANSFORM your home into a veritable heaven of
        order in the court! Jury, do you find this man to be
        hanged, but the vast majority of them were
        innocent young woman, killed in a brutal accident. The man
charged with this is wracked with guilt, and with
        a sleep to say we end the heartache and the thousand natural
shocks that flesh is heir to. To die... Oh, my offense is rank, it
smells to heaven; My stronger guilt defeats my strong intent... Revenge
her foul and most unnatural murder! Murder most foul, as in the best it
is; But this *most* foul, strange and unnatural.... I am but a king of
shreds, and patches, and
        little boxes, on the hillside, and they're all made out of
        tacky, tacky! How many times do I have to tell you, plaid doesn't
go with tartan and *neither* of them go with those...outgoing primary
colors! We are here to find you a suit, not to
        honor the memory of our dear friend. She was a soldier in actions,
loyal forever to one man despite betrayal. Her explosive personality
        should never be mixed with oxygen helium heliox or excessive heat
        and when it's this hot, active men and women need something
stronger than mere deodorant! Try Odor-Exploder-- it's Nitro in a Can!
Only #3.50 at your local All-Mart, that's right, only
        only she'll never be active again...
The images pause for a moment, caught between a dendrite and a hard place,
taking arms against a sea of cliches, in a mindwarping slag of ideas like
lava being paused halfway down a mountain nay a volcano yes a volcano so
explosive so hot and the lava's gelling gelling gelling and slowly running
backwards upwards like water up a hill
        but water can't run uphill and nor can time, that's why he had to
crash and smash and burn, a mathematical soul calculating a hole right in
the middle of Mexico
        but that was long ago and we have places to see and people to go
        but that's not how it goes
        and nothing went as it should have
        and so many deaths hang on his shoulders, bowing his head,
pulling him down
        maybe that's why he's only 5'6" this time around and around and
around and around...
and next time even farther down
another death, another shroud,
dragging him closer to the ground
        The images flicker uncertainly, then burst back into life (as
*she* never will) and pull the man's struggling consciousness back into
        ited we stand, divided we fall, and you've really fallen this
time, haven't you
       Professor of maths and sciences at Kensington or Cambridge or 
	care for a cup of tea? one lump or two?
        tea for two and tea for three (but his TARDIS can't accomodate
four.... and sometimes it can't
       accomodate this sort of behaviour! Really, a man your age, and a
Doctor at that! I'll have your medical degree, "Doctor
        Doctor, gimme the news, I gotta bad case of lovin' you
        and I love her... but money can't buy me love, everybody tells me
so, can't buy me love, no no no,"
                   is the torment over?
                          will it ever end
                                   never end
 (a little tune for our audience, while the Great Mephisto prepares his
 "...in your arms, I'm addicted to your charms, you're Getting to be a
habit with meeeee- Can't break it! Getting to be a habit....
and the voices beat at his head, or what was left of it, at his mind and
you couldn't break it, couldn't stop her! from nitro to 9 to 10 to a b c x
y z too unstable then guns and war, sent her off to war, forced her into
foxholes fighting deadly foes, one life against them not nine like a cat
not thirteen like a Time Lord, One. Fragile. Life. and then from war to
peace, but never inner, instant Zen available on every street corner but
they never ran down the dangerous open public streets though they hid
round many too many corners and their stable structure in no way shape or
form means to reflect the views or mental states of the TARDIS Crew
(limited (especially now) and discorporated)
And outside of the chaos (it's madness, yet there is-- or is it just
madness?) there is a quiet white room with calm white walls and gently
glowing roundels, tastefully decorated in a Neo-Guerreggiare style; brains
spread across a corner, blood spatter-patterning the walls and floor, and
everything charred and smoking (in an almost upper-class, haute couture
sort of way) from the force of the explosion... the body flung into the
doorway with brutal casualness (or casualty?) is a gutsy statement on the
violence in today's society, and the way in which the female's remains
were made to cover the entire length and width of the room is quite
astoundingly bold. Mind you, there's no hope of it making the cover of
_Beautiful Housekeeping_...but our firm's scientists would give a great
deal to know how you made the body in the doorway seem to glow and change
like that..