Lizbeth's Story
but Abigail helped write the ending
so it is

Lizbeth and Abigail's Story


Once there was a princess. She lived in a big castle. The castle had many windows. Each window was made of very beautiful stained glass of many different colors. When the light shone in on each side the colors would spill across the floor. Lizbeth liked those colors. She liked to swim in them and be painted all over. She liked being lots of different colors. Red and blue and green and purple and orange and yellow. Princess Lizbeth looked out of the windows one day and this is what she saw: a big dragon coming to storm the castle! She ran to get her sword and fight the dragon. When she came back she looked out of the window again and there was no more dragon only there was now a cute fuzzy kitten. She thought "what is going on here? is the dragon under a spell to trick me?" and she went back to her special place to think. Then she got an idea and she came back and she looked through the red place in the window and it was not a kitten it was a firebird. And she realized that it was not any of those things maybe because it was a kitten in the yellow part of the glass and a dragon in the green part. And she wanted to know what made it that way and what it really was and she realized that she never looked out of those windows before she had only swum in the colors. And she put her sword down and looked for a clear pane to see through. And she didn't find any. And then she thought about going outside but it is too scary. And then she realized that what she has to fight is not the dragon it is herself seeing the dragon and not the colors or the what is there. Because she likes tv but she does not want tv for windows. And with that the windows all shatter and disappear and she can see that the colors are everywhere and the reason they change is because other people look with her. And she can feel the sun and the wind and it is so good and the dragon is a kitty and it comes play with her. The end.